Are you wondering how to make money writing online? If so, then this is gonna be a great read for you.

how to make money writing online

Yes, in this post, I’m gonna discuss how to make money by writing online. So, manage your valuable time to read this invaluable post, please. Who knows reading this post on making money writing online may open a great door for you to make money by writing online?


So, don’t miss reading this post.


How to Make Money Writing Online?

Without any further ado, I wanna let you know how to make money online by writing. So, delve deeper into the main part of this post right now.


Freelance writing

You may write online for money in many ways, but freelance writing is one of the great ways to do it. To let you know how to earn money writing online by freelance writing, I’ll need to cover several topics.


First of all, lemme tell you what is freelance writing. Though I’ll discuss this matter in details later, I’m giving you a little idea about it now.


To understand what freelance writing is, you’ll need to have a clear idea about freelancing, first of all. Freelancing means a type of contract where a freelancer works for a client for a short period of time. Here, two parties are involved, one is the freelancer and the other one is the client.


A freelancer can choose a wide variety of tasks and writing is one of them. So, when a freelancer writes for a client, then it’s called freelance writing. I’m a freelance writer who works for his clients. Many clients hire me to write their content and when I write for them, I get paid online. This a great way to make a living writing. I don’t need to go outside to bring my food to my table because my clients pay me online and I receive my fund on my MasterCard.


I should thank Payoneer for making my online money making super easy. You can Sign up for a Payoneer account for free now (click here).


There are many freelancing platforms available where you can register for a free account and then, start applying for freelance writing jobs. If you wanna know how to make money writing articles online, then freelance writing is the right answer.


E-book writing

You can also start writing and selling e-books online. There are many platforms available where you can publish your e-books. One of the nice e-book selling platforms is the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. This platform will allow you to create an account for free.


After having your account, you could start publishing your e-books there. Since Amazon is full of visitors who intend to buy things on a regular basis, you could expect a quick rise in e-book sales. You can set the price of your e-books and you’ll be commissioned a certain percentage of it when someone buys them.


Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (shortly known as Amazon KDP) offers up to 70% commission. So, why not try writing e-books since you don’t have to pay a penny for selling them?



make money blogging

OMG! Blogging! I love this very much. Yes, I’m a blogger too. Apart from my freelance writing career, I do blogging. In fact, you can make a huge amount of money writing online if you can blog properly.


There are many ways on how you can make money by blogging which will be discussed in another post for sure.


One exciting thing about blogging is that it’s not only for money but also for pleasure. Blogging means that your content (mainly writing) is being watched by the whole world. Anyone can land your blog and read your writing. This really excites anyone who publishes blog posts on his/her blog.


So, you’ve seen that these three ways are quite plausible to start making money online. If you know how to write well, then you can start taking any one (or all) of the ways to start earning money by writing online. Also, if you think that you’re not that good at writing, then you can garner the skills of writing. Once you’re adept at writing, you could then start the mission of making money writing online.

3 Exciting Ideas on How to Make Money Writing Online
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3 Exciting Ideas on How to Make Money Writing Online
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