How to Start Freelance Writing, Make Money, and Live Happily

how to start freelance writing

So, you’ve heard that freelance writing is a wonderful profession and now you wanna learn how to start freelance writing!


Well, I can help you with this because I’m an established freelance writer.


I’d started my career in this field many years back and now in this blog post, I’ll show you how to become a freelance writer from my own experiences.


How to start freelance writing?

Here are the steps to becoming a freelance writer –

Step 1. Do you love writing?

First of all, learn about what is freelance writing. After learning about the subject matter well now is the time to ask you a question and this question is quite important.


The question is – do you love writing? This is the first question that you should ask yourself. Tell me whether you love writing or not. If you wanna jump into the world of freelance writing just by seeing that many freelance writers are making a lot of money, then you don’t love it.


On the other hand, if you really have the passion for writing, then you’re most welcome to this profession.


Step 2. Decide which writing niche to choose

“Jack of all trades, master of none” – so, you can never be good at all kinds of writings. So, try to understand which types of writing attract you the most or which types of writing you can craft the best.


Here are some types of writing –

types of freelance writing
The screenshot was taken from PeoplePerHour

So, pick your favorite type (s) of writing from the list.


Step 3. Learn how to write your favorite type (s) of writing well

Great! You’ve just selected your preferred type (s) of writing, right? Now is the time to learn how to write them well. Suppose that you love to write articles and blog posts. Then, start writing how to write exciting articles and blog posts for your clients.


So, before you get your feet wet on freelance writing, you should start learning how to deal with your favored type of writing.


Step 4. Sign up on all the reliable freelance writing platforms

Awesome, you’ve taken a lot of preparations for your writing career! In this part, you’ll have to land almost all the freelance writing sites where you can create a freelance writer account.


Here are some freelance writing sites to check –





So, visit the sites one by one and start creating your nice profile there. Follow all the rules and regulations of the platforms so that you don’t violate any of their terms and conditions.


Step 5. Start applying for suitable freelance writing jobs

Browse different freelance writing jobs on the platforms on a regular basis and once you get some suitable jobs, you must apply for them as soon as possible. Write a personalized proposal for each and every job. So, avoid sending the same proposal template to every client (they’ll hate you for sure if you do so!).


Step 6. Share your writing services on social media

You should market your freelance writing services in different ways. This means that you shouldn’t only keep yourself inside the freelance writing platforms. Rather share your writing services on your social media channels. Who knows some of your connections are gonna hire freelance writers for them soon!


Some of the popular social media channels are as follows –




Google+ etc


Step 7. Create a freelance writer website

Most freelance writers don’t focus on this. As a result, they fail to offer their freelance writing services outside of some of their registered freelancing platforms.


You shouldn’t do the same. Creating a website for showcasing your writing services will cost a little, but you’ll get a lot of benefits from it. What can you do with your website?


Well, you can drive a ton of traffic to the website and from the traffic, you’ll easily get many clients for your writing gigs. Note that to get much traffic to your website, you’ll need to publish more and more exciting posts on it. Don’t forget to market your posts for getting more traffic.


In addition, create a “Hire Me” page like one that I made for this site –

hire me

Also, you can see that I’ve added a widget of PeoplePerHour to the right side of my site so that my potential clients can connect with me on PPH.

hire me on pph

Starting a freelance writer website can help you make money in several ways through blogging too.


Step 8. Get jobs and deliver them on time soon after accomplishing

Hope that you get more and more freelance writing jobs. Once you get some jobs, you should be very careful to meet the deadline given by your clients. Try to submit your writing tasks on time.


Step 9. Get paid and live happily with your friends and family members

This is the best part for any freelance writer. Once your clients are happy with your writing, they’re likely to pay you shortly. Keep making money freelance writing and lead a happy life with your kith and kin. Best of luck!

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