How to Get Ideas to Write as a Freelance Writer/Blogger

how to get ideas to write

Freelance writers need to brainstorm all exciting ideas to use them in their clients’ content. This is the nature of freelance writing.


So, it’s important to get ideas all around them.


But sometimes, many freelance writers struggle to get ideas.


In this post, I’ll share with you how to get ideas so that you can flourish your freelance writing career.

ideas for writing

How to get ideas?

It’s very easy to say, but difficult to do! Yes, I can tell you the only way to get ideas, but it might be a tough job to many of you.


You read it right – you’ll need to follow just one method to get ideas.


So, what’s that important method?


It’s reading! Read whatever you can. 


Yes, reading more and more is the only way to get ideas. You’ll have to read a lot in order to have ideas.


But, it’s quite difficult to read a lot if you don’t have the habit of doing so.


Don’t panic as I’ll tell you how to read over 14 books per year spending just 10 minutes per day in another post.


You should read things in full. Most people tend to skip text online. Who knows you may miss an important portion of a piece of content just because of your habit of skipping! So, it’s recommended that you read all your interesting topics thoroughly without leaving any parts of them.


You’ll be amazed to know that I can write most of my posts from the knowledge of my previous reading. So, if you don’t read a lot, your brain will be left empty without any exciting ideas. In this situation, you could never think well and just for this, you may ruin your writing career.


So, whether you’re a freelance writer or blogger, you should read a lot. You must focus on reading.


Now, let’s learn what to read!


Well, you should read those things that will help you write your content. Suppose that you’re an affiliate marketer, then you should read more and more content on affiliate marketing.


So, follow my guideline and get all exciting ideas to write your next posts.


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  1. Hello
    Great tips over here to get ideas as a freelance writer. Agree that sometimes it is very difficult to get ideas as a freelace writer. I like the point It’s reading! Read whatever you can and really this is a very effective way to get ideas.

    Thanks for sharing with us. Waiting for your next blog post to know how to read over 14 books per year in just spending 10 minutes per day.

    Best wishes,
    Praveen verma

  2. Hey “SMN Zaman”
    Thanks for sharing the idea. this post is very helpful for frelancing writting and make money . i really enjoyed you’r article

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    Great article written, really your article has given me new direction. Keep writing and sharing, because sharing is caring.

  4. recently, Finished My Spoken English class on youtube & I ‘ve joined the up works for freelance article writing but honestly didn’t know how to explore any keyword due to the habit of panic but I am really thankful to you for your ideas by its article.

  5. Your advice is very helpful for me. I had a tiny library, I have a good habit to read books like novel, science fiction etc. But I can’t yet adapt me to read something in online or ebook. What can I do for this? It will be very helpful if you make me to change my habit. Waiting for your reply.

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