Hi there, I’m very glad to see you here. Your presence here on my “ABOUT ME” page tells me that you’re a bit interested in knowing more about me!

smn zaman

This is SMN Zaman here and you can call me SM because most of my clients call me in this name. Truth be told, SM is neither my nickname nor my parents’ given name. I’ve no idea how it formed. You can see that the first name of mine is SM and maybe, most people call me in this name because they wanna call me by my first name.


By the way, lemme tell you about my profession. I’m a freelance writer, blogger, e-book writer, affiliate marketer, and writing coach. I’ve already worked (still working on some of the platforms) on most of the major freelance writing platforms. In addition, I’ve a dozen of blogs where I wanna cover those topics that attract both me and my readers.


A few more words about me –

I love to see when my clients provide me 5-star feedback and when I can sell my affiliate products. To do this, I need to torture my laptop a lot because without slapping on its keyboard, I can’t move further. Hey my laptop, forgive me, please!


Finally, I wanna let you know about the goal of this blog. I really wanna help you by informing you how to make money by writing online. You could learn lots of things regarding this matter from my real-life experience in freelance writing, blogging, and affiliate marketing from the posts of this blog.


For this, here’s an initiative to teach you how to make money writing online –



This is SMN Zaman who’s a freelance writer, blogger, and e-book writer.

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So, I want you to stay beside my blog at your convenient time. This little effort of you will be enough to garner valuable knowledge on how to earn by writing.