How Most Bloggers Are Wasting Their Time! A Mind Changing Post

I can recall that almost nine months and a half back, I told one of my brothers that I would accomplish 300 posts on my blog in the next year. I was so confident at that time that…

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How to Get Ideas to Write as a Freelance Writer/Blogger

how to get ideas to write

Freelance writers need to brainstorm all exciting ideas to use them in their clients’ content. This is the nature of freelance writing.   So, it’s important to get ideas all around them.   But sometimes, many freelance writers…

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How to Start Freelance Writing, Make Money, and Live Happily

how to start freelance writing

So, you’ve heard that freelance writing is a wonderful profession and now you wanna learn how to start freelance writing!   Well, I can help you with this because I’m an established freelance writer.   I’d started my…

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What is Freelance Writing? Just Read These 836 Words

what is freelance writing

So, you wanna learn about what is freelance writing!   Well, I’m glad to let you know about this.   First of all, lemme start with a short story – Harry from the UK has started an¬†online business…

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5 Awesome Benefits of Being a Freelance Writer

freelance writing benefits

When I started back in 2015, I didn’t know that freelance writing career would be full of exciting benefits.   However, after a few years of starting my¬†freelance writing career, I’ve learned about several benefits that a freelance…

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